An Interview With Terresa Davis Regarding The Orfeo Design

“Kevin and I lived for many years in the Royal Crest building at 2100 3rd Avenue, opposite the Army Building at 2107 3rd, which houses Orfeo. We bought our place in 2001, and moved away in 2010 when our first children were born. So we spent almost ten years on that corner and know it very well. When we moved in, there were vacant blocks all around us and now of course, it is becoming very densely populated. We have always had a keen interest in acquiring the Army Building restaurant space, which has been vacant for many years, and turning the lights back on, so to speak.Personally, alot has happened to us since the opening of our last restaurant Blueacre Seafood in 2010. We now have four children under six, which has changed our lives immensely and moved family into our list of priorities. The design for the interior of Orfeo was actually inspired by a single photograph of one of our sons. In the photograph he is surrounded by lush red and burgundy velvets and chocolate brown leather. His face and white cotton t-shirt is stark and beautiful against the darker materials. These are now the colors of Orfeo. I think anyone who creates for a living can attest that the creations tend to find you, and not the other way around. They reach you somehow through images, songs, and words. We had originally chosen the name Orpheus for our new space as we felt that it imparted a dark and lush feel that matched our design concept. At the time however, Kevin was reading A Soldier of the Great War by Mark Helprin which coincidentally has a main character called Orfeo, a name that we loved even more. We also drew inspiration for our artwork from Helprin’s book, which is centred around the famous painting La Tempesta by Giorgione. You will see modern recreations of this piece throughout the restaurant. It is believed that the painting was created to represent love of family, and this well represents where we are right now as restaurateurs, and as individuals. We hope you like Orfeo. We wanted to create something dramatic and elegant, slightly different from the more industrial design that is dominating restaurants right now. Above all, we want this restaurant to be a comfortable place for our guests and their familes, whomever they might be.”



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An Interview With Kevin Davis Regarding The Orfeo Kitchen

“Basically this is the kitchen, and the restaurant, that I always dreamed of owning. I grew up cooking and eating Cajun food but I really wanted to cook the classics: French and Italian. Kind of like a blues musician who wants to sing opera. Throughout my career, my favorite stops have all featured wood burning ovens: Mark Miletello’s Max’s Place in Miami, Nice Pizzeria in France, Bacall’s Restaurant in Adelaide, Australia, and finally Catahoula and Tra Vigne in the Napa Valley. For the last fifteen years I have developed a strong reputation as a seafood chef, but this is a cuisine where the focus is on the food sourcing rather than the cooking technique. At Blueacre and Steelhead we find the best products available and try to preserve that natural pefection with minimal culinary intrusion. Orfeo will reverse this, with the attention on the cooking technique. Our kitchen will be land based, seasonally driven, and feature true artisan cooking equipment that will allow Orfeo a unique voice. We have a custom Woodstone Josper: a charcol burning oven with a natural convection that circulates smoke around the food cooking inside of it. Spanish by design, these ovens burn 60% less fuel than a regular wood burning grill and are popping up everywhere in European kitchens. We will also have a strong focus on our traditional wood burning oven which will be turning out pizzas, and roasted meats and vegetables. Orfeo will be a contemparary, NW-centric wood fired kitchen. My vision of the classics, with a little blues on the side”


Kevin Davis

Executive Chef 2001-2006
The Oceanaire Seafood Room

Executive Chef 1999-2001
Sazerac Restaurant

Executive Sous Chef 1997-1999
Tra Vigne, Napa

Executive Chef 1991-1996
Arnaud’s, New Orleans

Executive Chef 1989-1991
Bacall’s Restaurant, Adelaide, South Australia

Fly-fishing enthusiast


Terresa Davis

CFO/Owner, Blueacre Seafood

CFO/Owner, Steelhead Diner

Accountant, Tom Douglas Restaurants

Accountant, Oceanaire, Inc.

Operations Manager, Wild Ginger

General Manager/Partner, Cajun Crawfish House Inc., New Orleans

Bacall’s Restaurant, Adelaide, South Australia

Spring 2007
Completed Accounting degree at Seattle Pacific University 

Spring 2011
Completed law degree at Seattle University

  • Cuisine +

    Contemporary NW-centric wood fired kitchen
    – Roasted meats
    – Roasted vegetables
    – Pizzas
    – Seasonal local

  • Beverages +

    – International wine list by Sommelier Bruce Sturgeon
    – American craft beers
    – Full bar
    – Large selection of non-alcoholic beverages

  • Hours +

    Dinner 4-10pm Happy Hour 4-6pm

  • Size +

    Main dining room seats 150

  • Location +

    Walking distance to downtown, the Seattle waterfront and Pike Place Market.

  • Parking +

    – On-street parking
    – Nearby public parking garages